Founded in 1998, Guangdong Huiya Ceramics Co., Ltd., located in Foshan, the capital of China building ceramics, has been evolving constantly in terms of both design and technology. Throughout its solid, 20-year history, the passion, intelligence and forward-looking spirit at the Huiya have been the driving force that have made the company what is today. “To meet the demands of the world”: this is our concept of ceramic manufacturing, applying a dynamic, original, skilled approach to production processes that always involve innovative technologies.

“Honesty, Quality, Innovation” are fully implemented in all aspects of Huiya operations. Three production bases (Foshan, Heyuan, Qingyuan factories) , which are certificated by ISO14001: 2004, the most strict environmental protection articles in China, are equipped with most advanced production lines and presses, to ensure the highest quality,We are constantly adapting and renewing the sizes, surfaces and colors of our products in order to keep pace with – and stay ahead of –the latest market trends, offering a complete range that links the world of design with customers our projects are designed for. The rich variety of decorative elements and versatility of natural shades as well as the efficient service hit the “MADE IN HUIYA“ target.

Besides the honors “ Top 500 brands in Asia”, “China Ceramics Top 10” , has gained a foothold on all the main international markets and has been a stable, distinctive presence all over the world market, and going forward to the final goal sucessfully—Building the Landmark of China ceramics.

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